今天早上,我们庆祝了大佛宫周期中的又一个四阴节. 拉比罗森鲍姆完成了meschet megillah的学习 有30多名学生参加. 这是我们做的第三个肉串了, and we’re doing this not only to celebrate the learning that people do outside of school but also to connect our students with the daf yomi program. 特别感谢 Masliansky family for sponsoring the refreshments in memory of Joseph and Tzippora Masliansky, z”l. 

几天前的晚上,一个非常熟悉的身影出现在大楼里 Mr. 大卫•纽曼. 直到几年前. 纽曼是每个人的生物老师(包括我的)!),即使退休后,他仍与我保持联系. 但最重要的是,他自愿贡献自己的时间来维持我们业余无线电俱乐部的正常运转. 

HAM radio is a great way to learn about electronics, communications, and even Morse code! 现在加入这个俱乐部还为时不晚. They meet every Wednesday from 5:00 – 6:00 pm in the HAM radio room (inside the biology lab). 如果您有任何问题,请与Mr. 纽曼在 bioguy@juno.com.

我很高兴地告诉你 迈尔斯拉比出院了,正在康复中心, and his spirits remain high, and he’s looking forward to coming back to ICJA very soon!

别忘了这周一的特别演讲. 第二节开始时(上午9时46分), 希姆查·威利拉比将向我们的学生讲述图·比什瓦特. 拉比·威利斯是叶史瓦大学的讲师, 一个在法国的教士, 大西洋海滩犹太中心的夏季拉比, 他是蒂内克Keter Torah的拉比团队成员, NJ, 一个伟大的演讲者!

后来 周一下午1:30,牧师. 罗杰·奇克斯将与我们的学生谈论马丁·路德·金. 一天. 牧师. Cheeks is the Senior Director of Outreach for International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and he helped us create a special unit in our US history class on the Jewish-African American relationship.

这些会议将在相同的缩放链接- 点击这里,家长们也被邀请参加!


别忘了,周日将举行以下体育赛事: 摔跤训练 (7:30 am),  击剑练习(上午9点),女子大学篮球练习 (9:00 am), 男子JV篮球练习 (2:00 pm), 男子大学篮球训练 (下午4:15)和 女子JV篮球练习 (7:00). 




B 'vracha,

拉比伦纳德A. Matanky, Ph值.D.





如果你还没注意到, there is a direct correlation between how busy of a day I had and the time that this update gets sent. 在典型的日子里,在高中有典型的日子吗?),我一般能抽出30-45分钟来写这封信. 但是当一天忙乱的时候,这个更新就会被推迟. 事实上,您几乎可以通过发送更新的时间来衡量“有多忙”.


Well, several students were out because of the after-effects of the vaccine (refuah shlaima!). 不幸的是,夫人. 泽芬患有新冠肺炎!),我们需要找个代课老师. 拉比福克斯和夫人. 波格尼茨两人都因感冒症状(refuah shlaima)而缺席!),我们需要买潜水艇. 还有一次市政厅会议. 还有一场为高年级学生准备的特别演讲. 在ICJA的另一个伟大的日子里,这是惯常的兴奋.

但一切都很好,事实上,这是伟大的 欢迎回来,先生. 库珀 who is feeling fine and walked his AP US history through all the territories owned by the U.S. 全班花了一些时间, 但他们最终发现所有这些领土现在都是红色的, 白色, 和蓝旗(夏威夷), 古巴, 波多黎各, 关岛, 菲律宾, 巴拿马). 干得好,哈达萨·伯恩斯坦,发现了这一点! 

市政厅是一个与九年级女生交谈的急需的机会. There are some issues I need to look into – everything from testing days to the cafeteria menu, 但我对这些女孩和她们认真对待这次会议的方式印象深刻.

But the highlight of my day was listening to Yossi Klein Halevi talk about his experiences, 因为他写了一本书《正规买球app下载》.但这也促使我写了这本书. 他谈到了他早年参与的苏联犹太人运动, 在JDL中, 以及“阿利亚”如何影响了他的观点. 科尔·哈卡沃德 Gavriel Engel, Jonah Matanky, Eliyahu Malkin和Ari Baral 回答他们的问题.

周一,我们将有两位演讲者 Rabbi Simcha Willig will be speaking at the beginning of the second period about Tu Bishvat, 罗杰·奇克斯牧师将在下午为马丁·路德·金纪念日发表演讲.

明天我们不上第三节课,第10、11、12节课会合. 下午4:23点蜡烛.


B 'vracha,

拉比伦纳德A. Matanky, Ph值.D.





It’s been a busy day, and as usual, so much has happened that it’s hard to know where to start.

但我没有从头开始, let me go back to 昨晚 and congratulate the Lady Aces on their win against Deerfield. 我们的合资企业与他们的新生队比赛,并在两个加时中获胜, 我们的SV对阵他们的JV赢了. (Their SV is among the top-ranked teams in Illinois… so we didn’t want to embarrass them just in case we won 😊.)

还有,昨晚我们的 企业家俱乐部 有20名学生在线参加他们的首次活动! Kol hakavod!

最后, 昨晚, we got word that three of our students were chosen by JUF to be part of this year’s cohort of “18 Under 18.” 恭喜Laura Bellows, Ilan Blumenthal和Kayla Kupietzky 我们为你的成就感到骄傲,但更为你对他人的服务感到骄傲! 更多买球的app软件下载这个荣誉-点击这里 http://www.juf.org/springboard/18-Under-18-Honorees-2021.aspx.

今天下午我们不仅有疫苗诊所, 但今年的第一个订单是 “ICJA走上舞台.” It’s been two years since the girls at ICJA have had a chance to highlight their talents in music, 跳舞, 还有时尚,但我们正在准备一个很棒的节目.

More than 70 girls signed up to be involved in this program that will take place in April at the school. 这将是伟大的-我们很兴奋,我们的学生椅子 迪尼·罗宾逊和劳拉·贝洛斯 除此之外,我们的机械师的参与, ICJA校友和工作人员, 卡洛琳的现金, will be managing all of the details and ICJA alum Talia Molotsky has joined our team to direct and coordinate this production!

不幸的是, 我一天大部分时间都躲在办公室开会, 所以我没进过教室. But in those meetings, I did get to see some of the things for which we should be so very proud. There was a meeting trying to find the best ways to help a student with learning differences, 与非专业领导和JUF就ICJA的财务问题举行会议, 和我们科勒尔的候选人会面, 甚至开会计划新员工的入职.

All were necessary and reminded me of what makes our school so exceptional – the talent we have in our building and in our community that continues to come together to make our school better and our impact on students stronger.

明天第六节课,我们 MJH课程将与著名作家Yossi Klein Halevi进行独特的在线课程. 他将与他们谈论他的书《正规买球app下载》,这是他们在罗森拉比和西姆科维奇拉比的课上学习的. 



最后,就在几分钟前,我和拉比迈尔斯进行了交谈. 他的手术很成功,他已经迈出了第一步. 但他还需要我们的烤肉来做一顿大餐. 请继续为哈拉夫·迈克尔·亚伯拉罕·本·萨拉·德沃拉祈祷.


B 'vracha,

拉比伦纳德A. Matanky, Ph值.D.





The best part of my job is visiting classes and watching inspired teachers and students learn Torah together. And that’s what I got to do first thing this morning in both Rabbi Gross’ and Rabbi Broner’s 塔木德 classes.

拉比·格罗斯的班级是九年级男生优等生, and he was working with them on understanding the difference between a “diyuk” and a “kal v’chomer.” And the way he did it was via a Mishna they were learning and a chart on his smartboard. 只告诉孩子们一条信息, he had them go through an exercise of how much more they could just from that information. 他们是一个令人印象深刻的群体,尤其是 Meir Zayan, Aidan Zukerman, Ami Czako, Yaakov Friedman – as they filled in the chart with the halachot of when it’s permitted to interrupt saying Shma.

然后,我走到 布朗拉比12年级的塔木德荣誉班. 他们正在学习巴瓦梅齐亚语, 以及在学习给予洁代礼的义务时, 布朗拉比提出了一个有趣的问题让他们思考. The question was – if a person didn’t have any money with them but was approached by a poor person, 他们是否有义务从信用卡上扣钱来给孩子开斋?

答案并不那么容易,因为 Noam Weisman和Gavriel Engel 发现. 自, 一方面,一方面, 从信用卡上扣款相当于贷款, 是否有人需要贷款才能给孩子开斋呢? And on the other hand, if they had money at home to cover the charge, is it still considered a loan? 而这仅仅是问题的开始.


今晚是创业俱乐部的第一次会议——7:30在Mr. 库珀的变焦室: http://zoom.us/j/5948729726?pwd=eFdGVktpeFdOUm95L2JiNXJydXRGdz09. 俱乐部的联合主席本·博亚尔斯基、乔什·库皮茨基和马修·施赖伯, 希望有很多人参加吗. I hope you’ll join and learn about the basics of entrepreneurship and the process of how to create a business pitch. 

今天,我们得知又有两名学生被诊断出患有COVID 我们祝愿迪尼·罗宾逊和摩西·奥斯古德的胜利! 记住,如果你感觉不舒服——不要来学校做COVID测试.

明天是我们的强化诊所,有50多名学生报名! 感谢CareOne药房 ICJA校友西摩和斯坦·格茨 感谢你让这一切成为可能. 

最后,在我写这封信的时候,拉比迈尔斯正在接受手术,以修复他的断腿. 请继续为哈拉夫·迈克尔·亚伯拉罕·本·萨拉·德沃拉祈祷.



B 'vracha,

拉比伦纳德A. Matanky, Ph值.D.





今天早上,我和九年级的男孩们开始了新一轮的市政厅会议. 总的来说,好消息是, 他们是快乐的, 几乎每个人都参加一些课外活动. 当然,他们希望少一点家庭作业(我也是)!), but in general, their homework load is within our goals of less than two hours per night. 

But what did come up is a new challenge of COVID – the question of fully vaccinated who were exposed to someone who tested positive. 根据买球的app软件下载疾病预防控制中心指南,暴露于COVID (i)的人.e., 在六英尺之内, 揭露了, 持续15分钟或更长时间)且无症状, 在过去六个月内完全接种(或增强)疫苗, 不需要在家隔离吗. 然而, a person who is unvaccinated or vaccinated more than six months ago must home quarantine for a minimum of five days, 然后在接受阴性COVID测试后, 返回学校.

不幸的是, nearly all of our underclassmen who are fully vaccinated are outside the six-month window. 结果,今天,四名学生不得不呆在家里,放大他们的课程. 

这是我们的学生尽快获得助推器的另一个原因! It’s also the reason we have received an extension through tomorrow morning for people to sign up for our in-school clinic, 点击这里. 除了, I am attaching a consent form that must be completed and either returned to the office or sent to our office manager, Ms. 夏娃Partouche epartouche@ztcgg.com

昨天, 不幸的是, Rabbi Michael Myers slipped on the ice and is hospitalized with a broken leg and will be having surgery to repair the break. 我们,当然,w给他一个reah shlaima,然后问他 每个人都有 哈拉夫·迈克尔·亚伯拉罕·本·萨拉·德沃拉 在他们的祈祷中. 今天我和他谈了好几次, 他的情绪很高。, 他期待着重返校园. 但他至少要缺阵一个月.

When our teachers and staff found out about this, everyone was concerned and wanted to help. 这就是我们ICJA大家庭的特别之处, 我感谢他们所有人, 特别是以下几位同意代他上课的老师 拉比古茨坦(第一节课. 阿伯曼老师(第二节课),弗莱格曼老师(第三节课),弗莱格曼老师. 卡夫(第四期)和博士. 布朗(第六节). 

今天早些时候,我收到一封来自 Ori Wasserman谈到了即将于1月19日在ICJA举行的国际象棋锦标赛. 在过去的几年里,在拉比梅纳赫姆·罗森鲍姆的监督下, 国际象棋已经成为国际象棋协会最受欢迎的休闲活动之一. You can always find students engrossed in a chess match in our Math-科学 commons whenever there is a break. It’s fantastic, and I get a lot of nachat that this has become the largest sport at ICJA. 

报名参加比赛,点击这里由1月16日 http://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeoJqy5aVOYXT-EYMH5wh6wMbaBrDUvBAFYlNkIKedhru0OjQ/viewform?usp=sf_link. 邀请教师和学生参与!


B 'vracha,

拉比伦纳德A. Matanky, Ph值.D.



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